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DATE EVENT (for more click on the event) CLOSING
4-5th August Brisbane Short Course Champs Closed
25-26 August Qld Short Course Champs 13 Aug
12-16 September Australian Short Course Champs 28 Aug
6 October Brisbane Open Water Championships TBA
13-14 October Qld Long Course #1 TBA
20 October Chandler A Grade Qualifying Meet TBA
21 October Brisbane Long Course weekend TBA
27 October Qld Open Water Champs TBA
3 November Brisbane Long Course Weekend TBA
4 November East Brisbane A Grade Qualifying Meet TBA
17-18 November Qld Long Course #2 TBA
24 November Acacia Bayside A Grade Qualifying Meet TBA
8 December Brisbane Development Meets TBA
15 December Qld Championships - Relay Day TBA
16-21 December Qld State Championships TBA
22 December Christmas Break Up  
12-13 January Brisbane Development Meets TBA
26-27 January Brisbane Sprint Championships TBA
3 February Logan Vikings A Grade Qualifying Meet TBA
9-10 February State Sprint Championships TBA
16 February Australian Open Water Championships TBA
23-24 February Brisbane Junior Metropolitan Championships TBA
2-3 March Brisbane A Grade Qualifying Weekend TBA
7 March QGSSSA Championships School swimming
9-10 March Qld Long Course #3 TBA
15-17 March Brisbane Senior Metropolitan Championships TBA
23 March Club Championships TBA
8-13 April Australian Age Championships TBA
26 April-3 May Australian Open Championships TBA

Event Details

Brisbane Short Course Championships (4-5 August)

In the middle of the short course season is the regional championships for Brisbane clubs. The flyer is here which includes the qualifying times. This meet provides the last chance to make a time for the State Short course later in the month. Entries are to the race secretary, that is, no online entries..

Qld Short Course Championships (25-26 August)

The conclusion to the Short Course season is the state championships. The flyer is here which includes the qualifying times. Entries are to the race secretary. Last chance to achieve a qualifying time at this meet will be the Brisbane Short Course championships.

Qld Long Course #1 (13-14 October)

Brisbane Long Course Qualifying Weekend (20-21 October)

A choice of meets for this weekend but the preferred and supported by coaches will be the Chandler meet on Saturday.

20 October Chandler Close TBA
21 October Redcliffe Close TBA
21 October Redlands Close TBA
20 or 21 October TBA CYMS St Edmunds Close TBA

Brisbane Long Course Qualifying Weekend (3-4 November)

A choice of meets for this weekend but the preferred and supported by coaches will be the East Brisbane meet on Sunday.

3 November 2pm Clem Jones Memorial Close TBA
4 November 9am Albany Creek Close TBA
4 November 9am Logan Vikings Close TBA
4 November 8:30am East Brisbane Close TBA

Qld Long Course #2 (17-18 November)

Acacia Bayside A Grade Qualifying Meet (24 November)

Brisbane Development Weekend (8-9 December)

Qld State Championships (15-21 December)


Brisbane Development Weekend (12-13 January)

Currently 2 meets on offer in the Brisbane area at Albany Creek or Redlands. If required, times from these meets can be used to qualify for the Brisbane Sprint, Junior or Senior Championships.

Brisbane Sprint Championships (26-27 January)

This is the 50m championships for Brisbane clubs and leads into the State Sprint championships. If you require a qualifying time for this meet you will need to enter one of the development meets held on 12th or 13th of January.

Logan Vikings A Grade Qualifying Meet (3 February)

Down the road a Springwood, this is the perfect chance to secure a qualifying time for Junior Mets and particularly if you are considering stepping up in distance to 200m for the older Juniors. Senior swimmers have the chance to pick out an event to qualify for either Senior Mets or Age.

Qld Sprint Championships (9-10 February)

The Qld Sprint Championships follows on from the Brisbane Sprint Championships. If you need to improve your times to qualify for this meet then you should be entering the Brisbane Sprint meet. 9 year old and above can compete at this meet.

Brisbane Junior Metropolitan Championships (23-24 February)

The Regional Championships for Brisbane based clubs. This is for Junior swimmers 8 years to 12 years. All qualified swimmers are encouraged to nominate. Juniors who need a qualifying time will need to nominate for the Logan Vikings meet on the Long Course weekend 2-3 February.

Brisbane A Grade Long Course Weekend (2-3 March)

A choice of Redlands Copper Coast meet or the River City meet. The River City meet is the preferred meet to attend this weekend.

QLD Long Course #3 (9-10 March)

This will most likely be the second last chance to achieve a National Age or Open Qualifying time. This meet is for swimmers who are the correct age for Age Nationals.

Brisbane Senior Metropolitan Championships (15-17 March)

The Regional Champsionships for Brisbane swimmers. "Senior Mets" is for all 13 and over swimmers.

Acacia Bayside Club Championships (23 March - TBC)

The date for the Club Championships is to be confirmed.

Australian Age Championships (8-13 April)

The Age Nationals are being held in Adelaide. Qualifying Times for Age Nationals are available.. A trivia item is included for those interested in the history of the qualifying times.

AustRalian Open Swimming Championships (26 April - 3 May)

The Australian Open championships are being held in Adelaide again this year. Qualifying Times are available.